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Why you should join us?

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale Ashram is a unique community of members from different parts of society. All come here with the spirit of Seva and work towards the common goal of going near God. Everyone who comes here learns to cultivate the spirit of selfless Seva and works towards attaining the goal of social upliftment.

You can do different types of work at the ashram like helping in growing food to cooking it. If you live close by, you are welcome to come anytime and help in the work. In the weeks leading up, during and after festivals, there is always lots of extra work to be done. You are welcome to assist us.

If you live in a distant place from the Ashram, you can join our community and help in other ways like donating food, money, clothing, time etc. Your donation will be used for society works like organizing food camps, health camps, school work and much more.

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale life’s aim is to work towards the upliftment of the society. When you join our community, you also become a part of something bigger than yourself.

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale wants everyone to worship one God and follow our old wisdom of Vedic Rishis. He desires everyone to pray “Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha”. After joining the Ashram community you will develop yourself individually mentally, physically and spiritually. You will work towards the upliftment of society and the country.

Your donation and time will be used for raising awareness and getting rid of society from addictions like drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, caste system, dowry system and similar social evils.

Some of the work which is organized on a regular basis for social development are:

Food Camps: Food is the most sacred thing and Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale organizes free food distribution camps for the needy. With your help, we can organize these camps on a frequent basis. You can help us nourish more and more people.

Health Camps: There is an old saying “Health is Wealth” so we organize free health camps for all. Here, medicines are also distributed free of cost. Your help is always welcome.

Clothes distribution: We all have clothes that just remain in the closet and we don’t use them. But, those clothes can be quite valuable to someone needy. Donate them and help someone.

Schools: Without education, our future generations cannot prosper. When you join the community you’ll also help in the education of our future generations.

Social reform works: Other social reform works like raising awareness against girl infanticide, dowry system, the caste system are also done. After becoming a part of our huge community, you’re joining a social revolution.

Come become a part of our community, work towards attaining proximity to God.