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Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale teaches and works towards the upliftment of our society. He is guided by the principles of equality and unity of our country.

He wants everyone to worship One God.

He wants everyone to follow the age-old wisdom of our Vedic Rishis.

He wants everyone to pray

“Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha”

Satpurush Baba Fulsandey Waley is a saint, spiritual guide, reformer, philosopher, writer and visionary. His mission is to truly transform India.

He wants to raise the divinity of humans who are descendants of heavenly deities on the Earth.

Individual development, society upliftment, country development. Pure mind, healthy body for every person.

His purpose is to work for equal opportunity for everyone.

The mystery of Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale life and importance of Ek Tu Sachacha Tera Naam Sachcha mantra

Birth:  “19 August 1957”

Place:  Village: Fulsanda, District: Bijnor, State: Uttar Pradesh

God chose the Holy soul of Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale at quite an early age. When he used to worship God, his head would light up with the Holy Light. This Holy Light used to engulf the whole Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon, Constellations and the whole universe. Often he would detach from his body and explore the land in Spirit form. In the darkness of the night, the Holy light always accompanied him.

One time sky deities came and they covered his head with a sky-blue sheet on which mantra for God’s worship was written. In his childhood a heavenly person came near him and said pointing to him - “ I was searching for you on God’s wish.” And, then the Holy divine light flowed in his body.

When Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale reached the age of 19, God of death “Yama” appeared before him and took him to God’s abode. Deities laid flowers in his path and threw pearls. Heavenly musicians (Gandharva) played magical instruments while beautiful angels (Apsaras) danced to welcome him.

Goddess Lakshmi herself placed a silver crown on his head. Gods welcomed him warmly and respectfully in their world. They said,” only pure-hearted person (Satpurush) is welcomed in God’s abode.”

God Yama took him to Heaven, Hell and all the worlds of Gods. He introduced him to angles, prophets, gurus and famous saints. Then he said,” Look at them, they all worship the One God.”

He then went to God’s heaven where he heard the “Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha” echoing. Afterwards, he travelled to the Hell where he saw some unholy souls standing on a rock. They were in deep pain because they were surrounded by hellfire and molten glass was pouring on them.

When he went near them, the sinful souls said,” We feel at peace after seeing you. Please pray for us.” He then prayed to God for them. A miracle happened and the sinners changed into divine form. They were free from their sins and went to heaven.

God Yama then told him to pray for the sinners from the Earth. He said,” We would free one soul daily from the tortures of the Hell on your prayer.” Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale saw seven divine souls covered in Holy white and blue light. One of them said,” God is One, His light is burning bright everywhere. You can see him everywhere, you turn your head.” The divine soul then entered his body.

The second divine soul said,” the person who is able to keep the Holy light burning inside him is able to blend with God’s light like a river in the ocean.” The second soul also entered in him.

The third one said,” adoration and worship are the Holy sheets to cover one’s soul for going in front of God.” After saying this, he then entered his body. The fourth soul said,” The person who follows God’s command and keeps his will above everything else is a friend of God. One who tries to lessen people’s sorrow and misery has a special place in God’s heart.” The soul also entered his body at the end of stating the message.

The Fifth soul said,” God is responsible and protector of the person who has devoted himself in his service.” The spirit entered his body saying this. The sixth soul stated,” Don’t complain about your misery and sorrow to God. He knows everything about your condition without having your say to Him. He looks after every organism on this Earth however small they are. He knows every plight, everything which is in a person's heart. He answers every true prayer.” He also entered his body.

The seventh said,” God is the maker and owner of the Earth, sky and everything in between. He has created every deity, angles, human from the light. You worship him and the way to him is from within the soul.” He asked Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale,” Look towards the sky and tell me what do you see?”

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale said,” I see deities and angels worshipping God.” The divine soul then asked,” What do you see when you look towards the Earth?” Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale said,” I see gold and silver flowing under the Earth.”

The soul asked,” What do you see when you look between my two fingers?” He answered,” I see the whole universe.”

The soul finally said,” Go and worship God till your last breath on the Earth. Those who are wandering, show them a direction towards God. Teach then novel ways.” The soul entered his body.

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale saw a huge light bubble emerging from his body. The lightwave had covered the moon, stars, sky, divine souls, deities. One mantra echoed in the whole universe - “ Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha”.

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale returned to the Earth. He started teaching ways to attain a noble life. He teaches people to come towards God, don’t do harm to others, worship the God who is worshipped by 33 crore deities. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ram, Krishna all are His divine messengers. Heaven Gods are our ancestors. Learn from them and worship only one God.

|| Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha || || Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha ||