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Start your day with the devotion to God with Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale. Get the benefits of daily Live Aarti anywhere.

Our ancient Vedas and scriptures state that the early morning is an auspicious time. This time should be devoted to worship God.

The sacred activity performed daily will enlighten your soul and life. You will become close to the Creator.

The unique benefit of watching Live Aarti is that mind is calmed by the divine mantras and worship of God. It will help you get through the day’s problems at home and work more easily.

Remembering God helps you to purify the soul. There is only one creator of the whole universe and you should worship him.

By worshipping God every day by yourself or by watching Live Aarti you will become closer to Him. He will stay with you all times and his mercy will be upon you.

Anyone can achieve love of God by chanting and hearing “Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha.”

Prayer to God

The God of death Yama took Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale to heaven and hell and showed everything around. Yama asked him to pray for the tortured souls. Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale upon his return to Earth prayed to God.

हे परमेश्वर ! तू ज़मीं- आसमान और रूहों का स्वामी है, कौन है जो तेरी बराबरी कर सके, कोई नहीं है, तेरे प्रकाश में देवता और फ़रिश्ते तेरी आराधना में झूमते हैं, उस प्रकाश की एक बुँद तू हमेँ बख़्श, हमें अपने क़रीब कर, हमारा नाम अपनी पवित्र आत्माओं में लिख, हमें अँधेरे से निकाल कर उजाले और रौशनी में ला, जो बीमार हैं, उन पर रहम कर, तेरा रहम हम पर होवे, तेरा प्रकाश हमारे साथ हो, हे परमेश्वर ! तू हमें अपनी ज्योति में विश्राम दे, जो तेरे रास्ते पर आए हैं उनके वास्ते अपना रास्ता आसान कर, दुःख-भोग का प्याला हमारे सामने से हटा दे, हे परमेश्वर ! दुःखो के वन में भटकती हुई आत्माओं को शान्ति दे.

एक तू सच्चा तेरा नाम सच्चा बाकी बचे ना कोय |
तू रहे तेरा नाम रहे नहीं रहेगा कोय ||
एक तू सच्चा तेरा नाम सच्चा सबमें तेरा नूर समाया |
मेहर कर मैं तेरा बन्दा तेरी चौखट पे आया ||
मेरा सत्गुरु साँचा शाह है करम की रेख मिटावे |
भव अन्धकार से पार करके ज्योति ज्योत समावे ||
जीवन और मौत के घाट हैं दो जहाँ तेरी जोत जले |
जहाँ कोई ना संग चले वहाँ तू ही संग-संग चले ||
एक तू सच्चा तेरा नाम सच्चा

The person who reads this prayer after getting up in the morning, his whole day smells like heaven flowers. The person who reads this prayer before sleep gets the blessings of divine souls.

God has created human for his worship and service.

"Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha"

Oh, God! You are the Lord of Earth, sky and spirits. Who is equal to you? None. Angles and deities make merry in the light of your prayer. Give us a drop of your light. Give us your vicinity. Enlist our names among your Holy Souls. Take us into the light from the darkness. Bless them who are ill, bless them who are sad and helpless, bless the holy souls and sinners too. Your grace is upon us, your light is with us. Oh God, provide us rest in your divine light. Make easy for everyone who comes towards you. Take away the bowl of sadness from us. Oh God ! Give rest to the spirits wandering in the woods of the world. You alone are true, your name is true. No one but you will remain. You and your name will exist forever. No one but you will be forever. Your divine light shines in all, you alone are true your name is true. Bless your worshippers who come at your door. My satguru, my spiritual master, is my true lord, who undoes all my worldly deeds. He carries me beyond the darkness of the world and my soul rests in Him. Your light shines upon both life and death. Only you accompany when no one comes along.