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“Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha”

Donation is any kind of activity which you can perform for kindness from your heart. The act is aligned with our ancient philosophy of Yagya. It strengthens the philosophy that nothing is mine on the Earth.

The different acts of donation a person can perform with us are:

Money: You can donate money as per your capability to help the needy. When you are donating from the heart you are serving the society and also getting close to God.

Time: Everyone can donate some time from their life to the welfare of our society. They can be guided by our mentors to work for the upliftment of the underprivileged.

Resources: You can donate food, clothes, blankets or any resource for our mission activities.

Talent: You can use your talent for other mission activity. You can use any platform to raise awareness about Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale teachings among masses.

Leadership: If you are a leader of any kind in your society or office, you can organize Satsang for the welfare of your people.

Labour: You can perform some kind of labour activities for a higher purpose, like planting trees, helping to clean village ponds.

Life: Many people have donated their life for the welfare of society through our mission. You can also become a part of our mission.

Mission and Purpose

Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale wants to unite our divided society by worshipping One God. “Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha.”

Our mission is to spread the teachings and message of Satpurush Baba Phulsande Wale throughout the country.

Do not believe and practice the caste system. Spread the word that we are the children of heavenly deities and add “Dev Putra” with our name. Serve the neglected, miserable, sick, old and increase their life quality and zest. We want to tell our youths to respect the elders and don’t neglect them.

We ask and teach alcoholics, smokers and all people not to indulge in any kind of addiction. Keep away from disputes and feuds. Don’t waste your life, time and hard earned money in court cases.

We want to teach our youths and their parents not to take dowry. Watch your home and your children carefully for any kind of wrongdoings. Try to keep your children away from all kind of evils.

Do not give away your cattle to butchers.

Do not give pain or trouble to your weak neighbours, brothers, relatives, wife, children, employees, in-laws.

Always be ready to help the sick and weak people.

Be ready to sacrifice your life and money if our country is under any kind of threat. Face the enemies of our country with full courage. Don’t look for ways to escape them. If you believe in yourself and even face a lion with full courage then you can defeat it. If you will become discouraged even before facing the enemies then you will be certainly defeated. If you believe in God then you can certainly face and defeat any enemy. Don’t be scared and fight for the good.

Unite our society and earn money through hard work and honesty. Make your home pure like heaven with your sacred work. Do the practice of bathing daily, worshipping God, listen and meditate on the words of Gurus. Read and understand carefully at least two verses of Vedas daily.

It is a sin to kill girl child in the womb, don’t do it. God takes care of every creature who comes in this world. Don’t decrease the number of girls by killing them. If you do this then enemies of our country can take advantage of this situation. Don’t become weak by fighting among ourselves in the name of caste. Stay united and become strong.

Come to Guru Darbaar (Ashram) every first Sunday of the month. Reserve at least one Sunday to meet the Guru (Guru Darshan) and listen to his teachings. By listening to the Guru your soul will become strong and calm. Understanding will increase, your soul will reach a new level of awareness and you will increase in stature in society.

Every human of our country should become a saint from the soul and a warrior from the body. We all should be able to serve and defend our country. Be determined to fulfil your seven promises and righteousness. Don’t allow your soul to become weak, God is always with us.

“Ek Tu Sachcha Tera Naam Sachcha”